waking up on Mondays be like

Picked up Valkyrie crusade again after getting annoyed with my lack of progress, just in time for Halloween campaign. Love this game.


tamao and nagisa gossip about the US

Damn I forgot how deep the whole tamao x nagisa thing went in strawberry panic. Feels for tamao.

Well I got wifi. Think the afterglow of Saturdays smoke is still with me, coffee tastes good and I think I’ll stay out tonight. made some progress in resident evil 2, normal mode first time in about ten years! Ill get through today.

No idea how I’m going to handle today, somehow my headphones went missing last night, couldn’t sleep till about 1am and I feel like crap and everything is just wrong. And now I have to go and deal with having the worst job in the world. I’m gonna dry my hair and be back later…unless I find some wifi to steal in the meanwhile